Pay for what you need, not what you don’t.

Our goal will always be to ensure you are better off than before we met.

Always acting in your best interest is an important model and we embrace that completely – it also reflects our own industry standards.

The first step of our unique five-step PEACE process states that we’ll plan for what you actually need and not what you don’t, so that’s what you’ll pay for, nothing more.

Our fees are based on an hourly rate, ranging from $110 to $330 depending on the service required. All charges will be discussed with you and agreed to before proceeding.

Being referred is an honour.

To help us act in your best interest, we’ve assembled some very good people.

If you require specialist services in an area other than financial planning, we can introduce you to our associates.

If we refer you to professionals or if we meet because you’ve been referred to us, we’ll take that responsibility seriously and make sure you benefit from it.

We’ll make sure that what you pay is fair and correct and we’ll tell you what fees we receive as a result of any relationships or referrals. That’s how we work.